Core Values

Safeguard Moraga's Core Values

Preserving Open Space

My voting record over the past three years on the Moraga Planning Commission demonstrates my responsiveness to community input and my unwavering commitment to preserving Moraga’s unique beauty and rural feel. Our hillsides, ridgelines and open spaces should be covered with wildflowers, not housing developments. I heard your concerns and voted for strict hillside/ridgeline protection ordinances and against a massive housing project in Bollinger Canyon. Future development projects need to demonstrate that they will not significantly impact our safety with respect to wildfires and other natural disasters.


We are all concerned about our safety and the safety of our homes, possessions and pets in the event of a wildfires or other natural disasters. Moraga is a land-locked city with limited ways to safety. We need to establish a commission with representatives from the cities of Lafayette and Orinda to address ways that Moragans can safely evacuate. We also need to examine more alternative locations where, depending on the location of the wildfire, Moragans can safely congregate.

Managed Downtown Growth

I support carefully managed downtown growth that will accomplish our vision for a vibrant Moraga with a thriving town center along School Street. But future growth in Moraga should be examined from a more global perspective, rather than on an individual project basis, in terms of the impact that the growth will have on our schools, infrastructure and safety.  We should strive for sustainable pro-ecological development in our Town.

Sound Fiscal Management

I will pursue fiscally disciplined measures to encourage new businesses to open in Moraga that provide the amenities we want right here so that we need not drive elsewhere for them. In that way, our tax dollars will remain in Moraga to fund urgently needed infrastructure improvements and Town services.